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Chocolate Panning Course For Home Bakers, Hotel Mgmt. Students

To develop new ingredients for the industrial or artisanal candy manufacturing, you will need to outsource part of the testing, particularly those concerning panned products.

  • Overview of panning as a coating technique.

  • Historical context and modern applications.

  • Basic Ingredients and Their Roles.

Type Of Panning

  • Sugar Panning

  • Chocolate Panning

  • Pharmaceutical panning

Ingredients Used in Chocolate Panning

  • When introducing new ingredients, your R&D team must test them through prototype production to explore various raw material alternatives and parameters. We'll guide you on how to equip your lab for creating these dragee prototypes. This entails acquiring five pans ranging from 5 to 100 kg capacity, along with essential air handling units for both sugar and chocolate panning.

Introduction To Panning

To develop new ingredients for the industrial or artisanal candy manufacturing, you will need to outsource part of the testing, particularly those concerning panned products.

  • Adapting coating formulas for different textures and tastes.

  • Balancing sweetness, texture, and flavor intensity.

  • Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Identifying and addressing common issues during the coating process.

  • Practical solutions for common challenges.

  • Advanced Techniques

  • Exploring advanced coating methods

  • Incorporating multi-layer coatings for unique products

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Understanding food safety regulations.

  • Compliance with labeling requirements for coated products.

  • The Making Coated Products:

Candy and Dragee Formulation: Make Your Own Panned

Customizing Coating Formulas

  • Pure Chocolate and Compound Chocolate.

  • Aadhya SB 20 / Aadhya GA 20 glazing and polishing agents

  • Edible Food Colors

  • Other essential components


Learn the Art of making Candy and Dragee

Developing recipes for various types of candies and dragees.

  • Balancing ingredients for desired textures.

  • Hands-On Coating Practice:

  • Practical sessions on coating different types of centers.

  • Staying informed about current market trends.

  • Fine-tuning techniques for consistent results.

Packaging Considerations:

  • Packaging solutions for coated products.

  • Preserving freshness and visual appeal.

  • Consumer Trends and Market Analysis:

  • Staying informed about current market trends.

  • Adapting products to meet consumer demands.

Make Your Own Panned Chocolate
 With 1-1 live mentoring

  • The expertise of our seasoned professionals who will guide you through the intricate process of chocolate panning, ensuring precision and excellence in every batch.

  • This course is specifically curated for companies looking to delve into large-scale chocolate production and conduct product research in the realm of panned chocolates.

  • Receive tailored training that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within your company's production environment, maximizing the efficiency and success of your panning endeavors.

  • Explore advanced techniques in chocolate panning, including the use of cutting-edge chocolate coating machines, specialized ingredients, and innovative methodologies that can elevate your products.

  • Leverage the course to test and refine new product ideas. Our experts will guide you in experimenting with different formulations, flavors, and inclusions to create distinctive and market-ready panned chocolates.

  • Learn robust quality control strategies to maintain consistency and excellence in every batch, crucial for companies aiming to meet high standards in the confectionery industry.

  • Understand scalable solutions for large-scale production, optimizing processes to accommodate the demands of your company's production scale.

  • Engage in collaborative learning with professionals from various companies, fostering a network for knowledge exchange, industry insights, and potential collaborations.

  • Customize the course schedule to fit the operational demands of your company. Our flexible approach ensures minimal disruption to your production schedule.

  • From the initial planning stages to the execution of large-scale chocolate panning, our experts provide continuous support, sharing industry best practices and insights.

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