Vegetables and Fruits Coating

The Aadhyashellac SB 2020 is nature Seal line of fresh fruits and vegetables formulations and proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals which inhibit the oxidation of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fruit waxing is the process of covering fruits (and in some cases vegetables) with artificial waxing material. Natural wax is removed first, usually by washing. Waxing materials may be either natural or petroleum-based.

Food production and preservation is an important social issue of increasing concern from ancient time onwards and deserves allocation of more research efforts to investigate the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables. As per National Food Safety Database of Wax Coatings on Fruits and Vegetables, US, 1914, waxing is very common in fruits and vegetables for different roles and applications. Major losses in quality and quantity of fresh fruits which occur between harvest and consumption can be overcome by coating as it can provide an alternative to storage by reducing quality changes and quantity losses through control of internal atmosphere of the individual fruit.

Vegetables and Fruits Coating: Roles and Applications

Sl.No Roles Applications
1. Retain moisture in fruits and vegetables Maintain wholesomeness and freshness
2. Inhibit mold or bacterial growth Extended shelf life
3. Enhance appearance Consumer attraction
4. Protect fruits & vegetables from bruising Control premature rottening
5. Maintain texture Delay ripening
6. Reduce weight loss Slow decaying
7. Prevent physical damage Prolonged transit and holding periods
8. Minimize discoloration Avoid aroma loss
9. Inhibit oxygen penetration Barrier gas exchange with external environment